Sunday, November 29

Couple Buys KFC for Street Kids Who Were Counting Their Money-They Say Thanks By Giving Thumb Up

When you see hungry children on the streets, do not hesitate to give them food.

A man was going to his car when he saw two street children seated outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant. Both the children looked hungry, and he knew they did not have much money to buy some food since they were poor, so he gave them some. His girlfriend, on the other hand, also took pity on the children, hence, she bought an extra KFC package and divided between the two children, believing they were brother and sister.

The man who was waiting in the car, named Samuel Lee Wui Phung, took a video of the gesture then posted it on Facebook. Netizens who saw the video were touched and left messages and comments appreciating his girlfriend’s heart-warming gesture to the children. His video was shared over 750 times.

“At first, I only gave some money to the kids, but the moment I saw the kids counting their money, my eyes swelled with tears, and my girlfriend just happened to pack an extra KFC package for them, ” Samuel Lee Wui Phung said on a Facebook post.

In the video, you will observe that the boy had a satisfying smile on his face and gave them a “thumbs up” sign, showing their appreciation for the hot KFC food.

Image credit: Sin Chew Daily

Netizens have commented that they were speechless and touched when they saw the expression on the faces of the two children.

“Pray that the new coronary pneumonia virus will disappear soon because the people are suffering.”

Netizens pointed out that the incident happened outside a KFC branch in Sabba, wherein a man and his girlfriend packed some hot KFC lunch packages for the two hungry street children seated outside the restaurant.

You may watch the video here. Video credits: Samuel Lee Wui Phung


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