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Pet Cat went Missing, Returns to Owner with Fish “Bill” to Pay

The cat came home with a bill for fish tied around its neck.

Image credits: ช้างเผือก/ Facebook

Cats are usually more “majestic” than dogs, and they roam freely in just about anywhere, sometimes away from home. Although they are not considered as man’s best friend, some cats would return to their owners bearing gifts they have picked up from their journey as a sign of their feline affection.

However, recently, a cat owner in Thailand noticed that their cat was missing.

A Facebook community page, ช้างเผือก, has shared photos with captions that said, “Returned home after three days with a debt. #catslaves”

Here is the guilty cat:

Image credits: ช้างเผือก/ Facebook

A small piece of cardboard with a note written on it for its owner was tied around the cat’s neck.

Here is the translation from TheSmartLocal Thailand:

“Your cat kept staring at the mackerels at my store, so I gave him three mackerels. Aunty May at an alley no. 2.”

The message included Aunty May’s store location and phone number for the owner to know where to pay the debt.

Image credits: ช้างเผือก/ Facebook

Did the cat regret what it did? Did it feel shame? Not even a little bit!

Here’s the culprit who looks innocent and seems oblivious to its mischief:

Image credits: ช้างเผือก/ Facebook
Image credits: ช้างเผือก/ Facebook

Facebook users who saw the post found the cat hilarious!

Translation: Mommy, pay it for me please. The mackerels were so delicious. I will visit the shop again!
Translation: Both the aunty and the cat are so cute!
Translation: So cute! Come here. I will pay for the mackerels.

Source: ช้างเผือก/ Facebook

Good job, cat! Now you know how to buy your own mackerel.

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