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“Do not play with capybara”. This ‘attack’ video of this wild animal makes netizens feel cheated by captions

Looks can be deceiving. Beware!

A Capybara, with its scientific name Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris, is a mammal from the rodent species. These herbivorous animals are found in the Amazon, South America, and their size can grow double!

Since they grow up in the wild, people are always on guard before they approach these rodents for fear that they may attack. However, Capybaras only attack when they are threatened. On a video posted recently on Twitter, you will see how a Capybara “attacks,” and it will surprise you!

Image credit: Nooruddean @BeardedGenius/Twitter

The video was uploaded on May 18 by Twitter user @BeardedGenius with the caption, Everyone thinks capybaras are cute and harmless but watch this and wait for the moment it attacks her, has garnered nearly 78,000 ‘Likes.’ This video has gone viral and garnered multiple comments by netizens.

In the video, a 42-year-old woman is seen cautiously approaching the capybara lying on the grass. When the woman was slowly approaching, the capybara continued to just relax on the grass enjoying the scenery.

Image credit: Nooruddean @BeardedGenius/Twitter

Seeing the calm and relaxed capybara made the woman want to approach it and use this perfect opportunity to touch the quiet animal. At first, the woman cautiously strokes the capybara’s head.

After being caressed, the calm capybara suddenly launched an ‘attack’ that made the woman excited and netizens who watched the video surprised!

Image credit: Nooruddean @BeardedGenius/Twitter

Suddenly, enjoying the woman’s caress, the capybara reclines, showing its belly to her. This capybara seems to signal her to caress her stomach, too. It was right!

It’s alleged ‘attack’ has won the hearts of many netizens! Such behavior made citizens compare the capybara to a spoiled pet dog! Anyone who has seen the video will definitely cheer for the woman to have grabbed this opportunity to touch a capybara, and the experience enough can give anyone such excitement.

Image credit: Nooruddean @BeardedGenius/Twitter

Twitter also posted a variety of (funny) comments and reactions by netizens who watched the video:

“I don’t sympathize with this woman straight away. He wants it!”

“I held my breath as long as this video was played and thought, how did this capybara carry out its attack? Wild animals should not be made to play!”

“Very cruel, none of the human beings can endure such an attack.”

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