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Man Teaches Son How to Bathe a Newborn Baby Using the Adorably Patient Pet Cat


Cover image credit: Vinh Quang Phạm (Facebook)

First time is always the hardest. You can do it! Fact: Raising a baby and taking care of them is not easy. Bathing them for the first time is equally as hard, too. There is so much to learn when you are expecting your first-born baby.

A Vietnamese man, who is soon become a grandfather, recently gave a live demonstration to his son on how to bathe a baby using their pet cat.

Vinh Quang Phạm posted a video on November 7 on Facebook, which has garnered 39,000 likes and 17,000 shares.

According to TheSmartLocal Vietnam‘s translation, the soon-to-be grandfather was explaining how to support the baby’s neck and head while washing the baby’s body on the basin.

Image credit: Vinh Quang Phạm (Facebook)

Netizens were impressed by how well-behaved, and cooperative the cat was during the demonstration.

“To clean the baby’s head, first, put the baby on your lap and wrap him or her in a towel,” Quang’s father says.

The baby should be wrapped in a towel while bathing so the baby will not feel cold.

Then, put the baby on your lap while splashing some water on his/her face. Make sure that the water does not get into the ears.

Image credit: Vinh Quang Phạm (Facebook)

Finally, you can wipe the baby dry before putting the baby to sleep.

Image credit: Vinh Quang Phạm (Facebook)

With such an experienced and responsible father, Quang and his wife should have no problems raising their upcoming baby.

Image credit: Vinh Quang Phạm (Facebook)

Congratulations, and best of luck to the new parents! You can do it.

You may watch the full video here.

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