Wednesday, April 21

Two Responsible Dogs Taking Turns Looking After a Naughty Cat; People are Amazed and Entertained

Dogs and cats can co-exist. A good friend would not allow another friend to get into mischief or do something pointless. That’s what friends are for.

It turns out that not only humans look after one another, but also animals feel the same way towards each other, such as a naughty cat and its friend, and these two golden retriever dogs.

Image credit: Meowed/Facebook

Basing on the way these two Golden Retriever dogs look after the mischievous cat, whose name is Little Bao, they have been considered as its guardians.

These two dogs are very strict at keeping watch on the cat. Both dogs are wise enough not to keep it away from doing anything naughty if Little Bao would only behave.

Image credit: Meowed/Facebook

There are times when Little Bao keeps approaching another cat it considers its friend. Before they do anything naughty, the two dogs jump right in to rescue Little Bao.

The cat is then pulled back into the house by one of the responsible dogs. “Don’t do it, Little Bao. I’m coming.”

Luckily, Little Bao is much smaller than his friend, so it’s easier to carry him to safety.

Image credit: Meowed/Facebook

Little Bao does not easily give up. Once again, he sneaks out to meet with his friend he also sometimes consider his enemy. However, his canine guardian is always on the lookout before he gets into trouble.

The two dogs always keep an eye on Little Bao and keep pulling him out of trouble.

Hilariously, Little Bao still keeps on sneaking out to meet his “frienemy” when he sees the two dogs are asleep.

Image credit: Meowed/Facebook

More often than not, Little Bao’s naughty actions are interrupted by his guardian dog. However, Little Bao does not give up. He just had to go and do a little mischief, even when they disapprove.

Click here for a short video of how the two guard dogs stop Little Bao’s mischievous doings.

Little Bao is naughty, but thanks to his loyal guardian friends, he is always safe.

May their friendship last forever!


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