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Autistic girl confuses bride with Cinderella, so the lady raises funds to take her to Disney World

Just like any other girls her age, six-year-old autistic Layla Lester from New York loves Disney Princesses.

One day, Lester was enjoying her day at the park when she suddenly comes across a beautiful lady in a wedding dress that she mistakenly takes her as a real-life princess!

Lester has autism and loves princesses.

Credit: Facebook

Lester sees a bride that she thinks that the lady is a real-life princess!

Credit: Nicole Wickins


The soon-to-be bride named Olivia Spark together with her husband, was at that time taking their wedding photos at the Akron Falls Park in New York when she was surprised by Lester who confused her with Princess Cinderella.

Lester is clearly amazed by the ‘princess’.

Credit: Nicole Wickins

Looking at how happy and sweet Lester was, Spark decided to play along and behaved with poise and elegance, just like a real princess would.

Credit: Nicole Wickins

They talked together for a long time before Spark excused herself so that she can go back to the ‘dance’.

Credit: Nicole Wickins

“I was more than happy to be Cinderella for that little girl,” says Spark.

After the cute event, kindhearted Spark kept in touch with the little girl and even went to Lester’s house dressed as a princess.

They met again after the adorable incident.

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Not only that, this angel in disguise set up a campaign on the GoFundMe site to raise funds to take Lester to Disney World.

Thanks to that, Lester got to visit Disney World and met more of her favorite Disney princesses.

Credit: Facebook

Watch Lester living her dream here:

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