Thursday, February 25

Mother Buys a Seat for Her Baby; Moments Later the Family Cat Takes Over, Unwilling to Give It Back

A mother usually likes to buy fancy things for their babies. In return, the babies give you their most beautiful and irresistible smile as a token of their appreciation. Hilariously, a family with an adorable pet cat allegedly “stole” the baby seat and kept it for himself.

A woman from Japan wanted to upload a heart-warming story of how she had just bought a miniature seat for her baby at home.

Instead, she couldn’t resist noticing the reaction of their pet cat when she brought the seat home from the store. Funi, their adorable cat, assumed that his hooman mother had bought him a gift.

When Funi discovered that the seat was for his little master and not for him, he felt very disappointed.

At first, Funi just sat on the corner, observing his little master enjoying his seat. He was waiting for that perfect moment when his little master would leave so he can take over. It was not until an hour has passed that the baby finally left the chair. Taking advantage of the situation, this was his opportunity to take over his throne.

Finally, King Funi has the yellow baby seat, my master’s throne!

Funi felt very proud and majestic after occupying the baby seat, thinking to himself about retaining his rights and sovereignty.

Since then, Funi was determined that this yellow chair will be his place to ‘dwell’ and ‘rest’ throughout the day.

Incidentally, the design and shape of this baby seat fit right to Funi’s size.

Funi vowed to stay close to the baby seat and occupied it at times to ensure himself not to be disappointed again.

Funi would stick his head on a narrow space of the chair to give his masters a sign that he refuses to leave and will defend his right to the seat.

“It’s okay, just take the chair, Funi. We are not angry, but we would like to see your reaction when that seat is confiscated.” ~ Hooman Mother


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