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A Siberian Husky is Mistaken for a Wolf Due to Its Rare Brown Fur and Striking Blue Eyes

A rare find! SeQuoi Tenko, a 10-month-old Siberian Husky puppy, loves to walk in the woods with his owner, Nicole Anne Spahn. The dog is known to surprise curious walkers by its striking resemblance to a wolf.

An extremely unique Siberian Husky, he is often mistaken for a wolf, according to his owner. Meet Quoi (named after a SeQUOIa tree). He is, technically, not fully colored brown, he has a little white spot on his chest. Many people think he is a wolf, and although he poses like a wolf in pictures, he is just a pampered dog. Quoi’s full name is SeQuoi Tenko (Tenko in Japanese means Heavenly Fox), and he travels with his owner in 48 lower states of the US.

(Caters News)
(Caters News)

“Everyone wants to stop and caress him! Everyone asks, ‘What kind of a dog is he?'” Nicole said. “Some people try to guess which breed of dog he is; they never believe me when I tell them that it is a pure Siberian husky.”

There are incidences that when curious children walk past Quoi and Nicole, they immediately ask their parents what breed he is, and most of the parents reply, “a baby wolf.”

(Caters News)

However, according to Nicole, only people who are not familiar with wolves confuse SeQuoi with such.

“I always thought about getting a t-shirt printed that would say ‘It’s a Siberian Husky,’ because when we’re in public, I have to say it at least a dozen times,” Nicole jokes.

Nicole, a photographer by profession, initially sought to adopt an older dog of about 2-years-old, but unfortunately, in the area where she currently stays, huskies are only allowed adoption if you have your own home.

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The 33-year-old continued her search on the internet when she came across a photo of SeQuoi’s brother, who was a black husky. By contacting the owner for more information, Nicole found different photos on which was that of this rare husky, her future SeQuoi.

“I liked this picture because I thought it looked like a little fox,” said Nicole, who currently lives in a camper van.

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When she finally met SeQuoi, Nicole discovered that he had a white dot on her head that she thought was “cute” and that it made her like a “third eye.” However, “The white dot faded and totally disappeared as he got older,” Nicole said.

While most Siberian Huskies are white, or grey and white, it is rare to find a brown husky without white spots.

However, Nicole stated that “SeQuoi is not completely brown, he has little white fur on the chest, and on the toes, and a few strands of white hair on the tail.”

SeQuoi is a rather active dog, who likes to walk, play, and eat turkey-heart-based treats.

(Caters News)

“He mostly eats raw food with a few croquettes,” Nicole said. “He is fed raw beef, and bones and marrow as an after-dinner treat.”

The adorable and exceptional SeQuoi also made his Instagram debut in March of this year and has garnered more than 19,000 followers.

Ever since Nicole and SeQuoi met, they’ve been inseparable. The duo talks and understand each other very well. “He knows when I have to sleep, and I know perfectly well when he wants to play longer in the park,” Nicole said. “We fight a lot, I take him in my arms and spin him, we play like we’re both kids,” Nicole adds.

(Caters News)

SeQuoi was even invited to a wedding of Nicole’s friend in Montana, where the bride announced that he was not a wolf, but a pure Siberian Husky breed.

“He’s been with me everywhere since the day I got him, we’ve never been apart,” Nicole shared.

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