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Netizens are Amused to See the Action of a “Drunk” Squirrel After Eating a Fermented Pear; Pitiful, but Funny!

Laughter is the best medicine, they say, and it happens every day. Even the animals in the wild or our domesticated pets at home amuse us all the time when we witness their peculiar gestures. Just like the behavior of a squirrel that was recorded.

People who have seen the video had a good laugh until tears filled their eyes. As shown in the video posted on a YouTube page, the squirrel was having difficulty standing up and swaying back and forth after eating an old pear. A woman from Minnesota cleared out her refrigerator, and put a bag of pears that had been inside for too long, and left it outdoors, causing a squirrel to become “drunk.”

A woman from Minnesota, Kathleen Morlok, recently cleared a bag of pears that have been in the fridge for a long time. A squirrel emerged from a nearby tree and took one of the pears. When it came back, the squirrel’s move looked very unnatural that she suspected those pears must have fermented while in the fridge, causing the squirrel to get “drunk.” Originally, the pears were intended to be given to her pet pig.

“And then it kind of dawned on me … oh no, those pears were so old I bet they fermented,” Morlok said. “And then he got drunk and I did not mean to do that so I went out and I grabbed all the pears.”

Little Red usually just enjoys nuts and seeds from his blue bowl, but he was greeted with a surprise. Image credit: The Sun/YouTube

The video shows the squirrel standing on a small table outside the house, eating the pears, but suddenly looking dazed, then his whole body leans back, and when he’s about to tip over he jumps back into reality, grabbing the blue plastic bowl in front of him to maintain balance.

The squirrel was tipsy after eating some old pears that had fermented. Image credit: The Sun/YouTube
Just before Little Red tips over he jumps back into reality. Image credit: The Sun/YouTube

Morlok told the Insider that feeding the squirrels outside her home has become a hobby and a fun time since 2019, and it became more frequent when the pandemic began. As for Little Red, the squirrel may have just had a minor hangover. Morlok said Little Red came back to the feeder the next morning and seemed fine.

“This was an accident with a happy ending,” she said.

Little Red came back the next day and he was doing fine. Image credit: The Sun/YouTube

The “Drunk Little Squirrel” video was posted on Twitter and has been viewed more than 1.83 million times. Morlock told the Daily Mail that the whole incident happened after recently cleaning her refrigerator. The bag of pears was intended for her pet pig, Hamlet, but the weather was getting too cold he only stayed in his pen. However, the pears have been in the fridge too long Morlok decided to leave the bag outside for the squirrels to eat.

“Watching the squirrels brings me such joy,” she said.

Fermented fruits convert glucose, fructose, and sucrose into alcohol. Morlok said she realized the squirrel might be drunk, making her very worried about “this poor little guy”, quickly retrieved all the other pears, and prepared a whole bowl of corn and seeds, especially for Little Red. Fortunately, the squirrel came back the next day to enjoy a good breakfast, and this time, with no hangovers.

Here is the video Katy Morlok posted in her YouTube channel:


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