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Pet Cat Who Refused to Stay Home Alone Hid Inside Owner’s Desk in Class After Sneaking Her In

As cat lovers, we find it difficult to leave our precious furry babies at home, especially when they will be left all alone. Wherever we are we just can’t stop worrying about them no matter how naughty or nice these pets are. Moreover, if the pet cat is clingy, we find it very difficult to leave them at home alone, especially if they wander away from home on their own.

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This is what happened to a university student in China when she was forced to take her pet cat to class. The cat stayed hidden under her desk throughout her school day. The cat remained quiet to avoid making its presence known.

The cat remained quiet and hidden all throughout her classes.

Ms. Wen, a university student posted a video in Douyin, a Chinese video-sharing social networking service equivalent to TikTok, and it immediately went viral on the internet. According to Wen, she was forced to ‘sneak’ her cat, whose name is Ba Dun, into the classroom as she refused to leave her side without taking her along.

Ba Dun refused to stay home alone.
Ms. Wen sneaked Ba Dun into her classroom.

Ms. Wen was preparing to go to the university when Ba Dun began to move around the hug her legs. He was purring and showing a sad face while trying to convince Wen to bring her along.

Ba Dun is happy to come along to class.
Ba Dun hidden under Ms. Wen’s desk.

“I was getting too late for my class. I couldn’t afford to let Ba Dun down so I made the decision to take her together to class.”

When they finally arrived in class, Wen placed one-year-old Ba Dun in a compartment space under her desk. From time to time, Wen would sneak to take a short video of Ba Dun who seemed to do her best to be quiet and inconspicuous. However, Ba Dun’s presence was made known only when the video was posted.

“Ba Dun is very good and does not make any noise.”

When asked about the meaning behind the name Ba Dun, Wen explained that Ba Dun means ‘eight dishes’ and she named her this due to the cat’s ability to eat in large amounts. She said that if Ba Dun is left unmonitored, Ba Dun could eat eight meals a day.

Ba Dun came along to class.
Ms. Wen and Ba Dun relaxed at home.

You may watch the video here.

Netizens were amazed at this story. If you have a similar experience, you may share it with us in the comments section.

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