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Parrots Sighted in Spain Unlocking Cages in Various Houses and Setting the Birds Free

Image credits: The Epoch Times and 20 Minutos España

Although it may seem pure fiction, the story of the “Agapornis Liberation Squad” is absolutely true. To the surprise of a Twitter user, “the revolution of the Agapornis” came to her neighborhood, with three birds that were dedicated to opening the cages of their congeners.

“Agaporni Liberation Squad” Image credit: Nouledgecos/Twitter

According to Wikipedia, Lovebird is the common name for the genus Agapornis, a small group of parrots in the Old World parrot family Psittaculidae. Of the nine species in the genus, eight are native to the African continent, with the grey-headed lovebird being native to Madagascar.

Three birds, belonging to the species Agapornis, also called “Lovebirds” because they generally remain in a couple, fly from house to house, and open locked bird cages to free the birds inside. This unusual story has gone viral on social networks, as reported by El Tierrero.

A couple of inseparable Lovebirds (Agapornis roseicollis roseicollis), native to south-west Africa (Image credit: YURI CORTEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

A user named Nouledgecos, related this epic story on Twitter. She first posted a message asking if these three Agapornis, who made an appearance in her garden, belonged to someone. Looking a little closer at these three birds, she again posted a follow-up tweet stating: “I thought they were lost, but it’s quite the opposite.”

And here is the updated Twitter post:

Indeed, Nouledgecos confirmed that these three birds roam from house to house unlocking the bird cages.

“These three birds have been roaming my town FOR A MONTH and going to places where there are agapornis cages and try to open them,” she says.

Nouledgecos posted several tweets explaining the journey of the three friends. She states that these birds “take advantage of the time when the owners are away with other people, and no one is around,” she stresses, “We have been told that they are very intelligent species.”

As soon as the post has gone viral, other internet users who also have observed the three birds said:

“The blue bird seems to be the oldest and wisest, the green specializes in opening the small doors and yellow is the new one that looks very nice but seems to be timid….”

Many other comments and similar articles have circulated on the web.

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