Tuesday, January 26

An Old Man in El Salvador Mourns For His Beloved Horse’s Death Who Accompanied Him to Work for Nine Years

Love and Loyalty of animals to humans are unconditional. The bond between the two species is incomparable. This is evident with a horse who accompanied his owner to work every day, until his passing due to old age. The old man gave thanks for his horse’s loyalty, which touched the hearts of netizens who learned of this story.

José Carmen Moya, a 70-year-old man from El Salvador, better known as Don Carmelo, is a milk seller for years in a city called Ahuachapán. He leaves his house early to sell milk carefully prepared by his beloved wife.

During the long hours of his work on the road, Don Carmelo is accompanied by Trenecito, a horse that accompanied him for 9 years, until the horse died on a rocky road due to old age.

When he saw Trenecito lying on the ground, Don Carmelo could not hold back his tears any longer and raised his hands towards the sky. He prayed and gave thanks for every experience he had with the horse. Trenecito accompanied him every day non-stop since he began suffering from rheumatism, which made it very difficult for him to walk on his own.

“I knelt on the sidewalk to thank God for the days he lent me the horse. He was my leg support because I couldn’t walk. He was loyal, and he served me in every way. Because of God, he was able to help me support my wife,” Don Carmelo said. “Yesterday I went home and gave us the last money I have collected before the horse left us. She started crying because we were both old. We both cried. Trenecito, I will always have you in my heart. Thank you, little horse, for everything you’ve done,” he added.

A veterinarian and photographer from the area captured the tragic scene and decided to share it on social media platforms, but he never imagined the huge impact it received, warming the hearts of thousands of people who wanted to help the elderly man and his wife.

A family decided to give Don Carmelo a horse they had kept since it was still a pony and, as a young horse, he would be able to accompany Don Carmelo in his work for a long time.

“I knew the young horse would be in good hands. We grew up with that horse, but he needed it. He’s been in the family a long time, he’s small,” said the owner of the horse given to Don Carmelo.

Don Carmelo called his new horse Justice because he knew it was an act of justice that so many people took a moment of their time to read about his story and so many people everywhere wanted to help him.

Congratulations to Don Carmelo. Without a doubt, Justiciero will be treated with love, as Trenecito has. Thank you to the former owner of Justice.

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