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Cute Cat Likes to Steal Food from Refrigerator So the Owner Puts a Warning Sign Inside

There is nothing much better than spending quarantine days with your family and cute friendly pets at home. These are the times to spend some much-needed quality time with one another. For millennia now, pets at home or other tamed animals have been the key to happiness and good mood for every family, especially now that we are all facing a “new normal” due to the pandemic.

A beautiful cat named Carrot, who lives with his owner in Maryland, USA, has become an online celebrity thanks to his antics every time his owner opens the refrigerator.

It all started with the image with his arm stretched at the side of the refrigerator door, reaching in, a gesture he always does when his owner opens the fridge door. It is quite impossible to ignore the cuteness of the little mischievous antics Carrot does. One would immediately adore this cat and laugh at its funny tricks.

At first, you would notice that the picture of Carrot looks just like an ordinary photo with the refrigerator door open.

“If I knew that the picture was going viral, I’d fix the fridge a little bit,” joked the kitten’s owner.

However, when we look closer to the fridge, there is an unusual sign that would attract our attention. Once we understand what the Carrot’s owner is saying, it would be impossible that we would not notice the gesture.

The cute little cat sticks its arm into the crack of the refrigerator door. The owner thought that he is trying to steal delicious sweets, but it turns out that he likes to greet or scratch his human parents while hiding on the other side of the door. It is his favorite game.

It has become his habit at home that his owner decided to place warning signs everywhere he does his antics, especially at the refrigerator door, to avoid any injuries that may happen to Carrot.

“He’s done it many times and never got hurt. We are always very careful,” said the owner.

Carrot became so popular that they decided to share his story on social media platforms.

Image credit: ERA BARU/The Epoch Times

Carrot was a kitten who was living on the streets. Rescue teams found him and took him to an animal shelter. He stayed there for some time until he went to a temporary home. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. The kitten was unfamiliar with her new family and eventually returned to the shelter until she met her current family.

Eventually, a rescue worker took him to a friend’s house, and the family immediately fell in love with Carrot! They decided to adopt him permanently.

It’s a relief to know that after all these difficult years, this beautiful and cute kitten received all the love he deserved and even became an internet celebrity!

Congratulations, Carrot, and welcome to your new loving family!

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