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Uninvited to Her Owner’s Wedding, a Loyal Dog Ran for 9 Kilometers to Catch up Bridal Car to Show Her Love

A dog’s loyalty and companionship are unconditional. Their faithfulness cannot be expressed in words. Each day we come across very touching stories of unconditional love pets show their owners. Recently, an incident was caught on video that instantly went viral. A loyal dog named Fugui ran 9kms. to join his owner’s wedding caravan just to show his love for her and to say goodbye.

It was the greatest gesture of love that Fugui had on the day of his owner’s wedding. When Fugui learned that the most important event has come to his human mother’s life, the loving dog did not want to let her go without saying goodbye.

The family of the bride did not consider his presence at the ceremony. Though this did not stop Fugui from running 9 kilometers to be with his human on her special day.

Nobody was going to separate them.

Fugui has been Fu Xi’s loyal companion for the past two years, and she wanted to take him to her special event, but for some unknown reason, her family refused.

Some people do not understand the bond between an owner and a pet, but Fugui did not mind this at all. He decided to attend the event on his own.

He traveled the entire 9 kilometers to be with his mom.

As soon as Fugui saw that the bridal caravan was already on its way without him, he understood that it was time he proved how much he loves his human owner.

The furry mutt joined in the long journey of the bridal caravan from the house to the place where the ceremony would be held.

The furry dog was surprised that the caravan did not bring him along.

The heart-warming story touched the hearts of many netizens after the video was made public in which Fugui was running alongside the bridal caravan.

The Douyin platform, the Chinese version of TikTok, was used to share the video that in a few days has gone viral.

“Here I am with you, Mom!”

Some netizens criticized the video for the mere fact that the owners let the poor dog run such a long way, but at one point, the bride’s parents opened the door of their car to let the poor dog climb in and sit next to them.

However, Fugui declined the invitation and continued to run alongside the car that his human mother was riding in.

This hairy mixed-breed lives in China with his mother, Fu Xi.

“This is so moving, I cried. Please treat small animals well.” Some people were not impressed with the bride’s behavior and criticized her for not letting the canine into the car with the couple.

“I have to say the bride was harsh and let it keep running like this,” commented another user.

Arriving at the groom’s house, where the wedding would take place, the poor little mutt finally had his well-deserved rest. Fugui accomplished his task, and every kilometer traveled was worth it, as he managed to be part of his human mother’s special event.

She asked the dog, “Why didn’t you go home like I had told you to?” Both can be seen running together as she pets him.

The moment Fu Xi meets his friend after the ceremony.

There is no doubt that apart from her new groom, she has a furry little protector who has sworn his eternal loyalty. Fugui now lives in the new home of the happy newlywed, and the images of his long journey to their wedding event continue to amaze everyone.

Every expression of love must be valued, but Fugui certainly has exceeded their expectations. You may share this heart-warming story to show how Fugui provided his loyalty to his owners.

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