Wednesday, April 21

Considering Itself a Baby, A Cat’s Calmness Riding on an Infant’s Walker is Proof that Cats are Also Our Babies

The presence of pet cats in homes certainly brings joy and happiness to our daily lives. Although they are different from dogs in terms of loyalty and temperament, they too tend to be attached to their owners.

The majority of cat lovers treat their furballs the same way they treat their babies. Most owners even call their beloved cats their “babies.”

Perhaps we have seen other cat owners encourage their pets to drink from baby milk bottles. In this case, this is a story about a cat who truly feels like it is the baby of the family.

The cat feels comfortable in the baby walker.

The cat owner’s house reportedly has a lot of baby stuff, including a baby walker and it appears to be used by her beloved orange cat at home!

Perhaps the cat has a high curiosity and is attracted to the walker, and then assumes the walker is his.

He acts just like a baby.

The cat can fixate itself, without any help, into the baby walker.

More impressively, the cat is also good at sitting itself on the walker without being helped by his owner.

The very first time the owner discovered this was when he was looking for this cat in the house. When he wasn’t looking, the cat probably hurled itself into the walker.

Only then did the master find the cat sitting on the baby walker when he searched the living room.

The cat played with the toys attached to the walker.

The cat spends most of its time on the walker and even playing with the toys attached to the walker table.

It seems that the cute cat is pretty comfortable sitting on the walker, although his legs cannot reach the floor!

This proves that cats can be considered our “babies”, too, and most of them become spoiled by their owners.

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