Wednesday, April 21

Funny Reactions of a Cat Trying to Avoid the Vet’s Injections; Citizen’s are Entertained

Most pet owners, or non-pet owners who love animals, would always go the extra mile for their beloved animal who they consider part of their family. Providing adequate food and beverages, ensuring clean and comfortable bedding, visitations from friends who are also pet owners, and even providing regular check-ups to the veterinarian to complete vaccinations, and to ensure optimal health care.

Pet owners treat their animals like their own children. However, most of them agree that unlike dogs, cats have their own way of listening to their owners. Cats have more of the “aristocratic” attitude. Unlike dogs that possess faithful and trainable attributes, cats tend to make humans listen more to what they desire.

On December 22, a funny incident was posted on Facebook, where a cat refused to be given a vaccination injection, and its behavior was captured in photos. For more entertainment, the ‘stubborn’ reactions of the cat forced the animal clinic staff to pull the animal from where it was hiding, and the photos shared online instantly went viral.

The photos were shared on a Facebook group by Fenxian Wang, which shows several photos of the cat and its humorous stunts to escape being injected by hiding behind the glass window of the animal clinic stalls. Feeling successful, the cat can stay in the narrow space where it thought that the staff would not be able to reach it. The worker was forced to pull the animal by its front legs.

As seen in the photos, the cat sneaks itself more onto the edge of the window assuming that the vet will not be able to reach it. It defends itself so intensely thinking that the situation may go its way.

It may or not be obvious if this cat is visiting the vet for the first time, though many netizens are assuming it may be its first time since it is very nervous to see the doctor. Although it is a mere fact that we, too, feel nervous when we get vaccination injections… or worse, see a Dentist.

It is uncertain how the situation worked out in the doctor’s clinic; if they managed to calm it down or had to be held by the other staff for its sole injection. But based on the picture of the cat relaxing, you can see its cute rebellious attitude when this cat is seen sticking out her tongue as a sign of protest.

The cat may be angry, but the netizens found it adorable. The cutest rebellious cat for an injection!

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