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A Loyal Dog Takes Care of His Owner’s Store; Eventually Gets Promoted to Being a Shop Worker with His Own Pay Slip. Good job!

A dog has always been man’s best friend. They are most loyal to human beings who help them when they are in trouble. Whatever happens, they have always protected the humans who have served them.

A bicycle rental entrepreneur in Taiwan, Mr. Tang, encountered a street dog that suddenly appeared at his shop when he was closing for the day.

Image credit: ERA BARU/Epoch Times

The dog had gold-colored fur, was quite skinny, and looked very weak. Touched by the look of the dog’s condition, Mr. Tang decided to keep the dog in his shop assuming it was not owned by anyone.

Mr. Tang took good care of the dog and nursed it back to health. Since then, Mr. Tang’s business has improved, and many more customers have been visiting the shop because they adored the dog. Apparently, Mr. Tang adopted the dog and named him “Xiaofu.”

Image credit: ERA BARU/Epoch Times

Xiaofu is very cheerful, and he welcomes every customer who comes to the rental shop, which made him very likable to all the customers. Mr. Tang has noticed how cheerfully Xiaofu welcomes the customers that he decided to ‘raise his rank’ to become a paid employee.

Not only does Xiaofu have his own monthly salary, but is also equipped with his own employee uniform just like his co-workers. Cute!

Image credit: ERA BARU/Epoch Times

The uniforms fit perfectly well when worn by Xiaofu, and surely he is proud that his services are needed at his owner’s shop!

Image credit: ERA BARU/Epoch Times

Now that Xiaofu is a regular employee at Mr. Tang’s rental store, curious customers have been asking how much monthly salary Xiaofu receives. Mr. Tang did not hesitate to reveal how much salary he gives Xiaofu.

He made his promise to Xiaofu and happily released an official payslip, which reveals that Xiaofu received 24 cans of dog food every month as his salary.

Image credit: ERA BARU/Epoch Times
Image credit: ERA BARU/Epoch Times

However, you may notice that in the picture Xiaofu does not seem too happy with the “salary” he receives. It is unclear if Xiaofu is not happy with his salary, or 24 cans of dog food are not enough for a month.

It’s funny how Xiaofu reacted!

Hopefully, Xiaofu will continue to stay healthy and be able to keep up being Mr. Tang’s store employee up to the end.

Good job, Xiaofu!


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