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For 73 Days, A Cat Survived Alone in a House and Streamed Tears as It Welcomed Its Owner Back

Humans often ask themselves, what would happen to them if they don’t eat for a week and continue to grow hungry? What if it goes on for over a month? Is it the same for a pet?

Animals have it different from humans, survival, that is. As a matter of fact, a cat can survive alone for 15 days or more. A blue-grey colored cat lived at home alone for 73 days and survived on its own, when its owner did not come back home for many days.

The owner of the cat lives in Wuhan and keeps his cat well-fed. The cat behaves well and is much loved by its owner. The owner, however, planned to return to his hometown in time for the Chinese New Year in 2020.

The owner left his cat at home so it will not feel stressed.

Since his hometown was quite far, he is only able to return to town within 5 to 6 days. He feared that his cat may feel stressed along the way, he decided to leave him at home.

The owner ensured his cat would not be hungry during his absence, so he left the food needed for 15 days for his pet cat alongside the water supply for 20 days. The supply of food left for the cat is more than adequate for his absence from home, so the owner is confident his cat will be safe.

However, the owner’s plan to come back home suddenly changed when on January 23, 2020, Wuhan executed a curfew when the Wuhan virus outbreak struck after the third day of the Chinese New Year, and he was unable to return home. Initially, the owner didn’t feel worried because he thought the outbreak would be immediately handled and soon be lifted, and he left the cat with food and water for half a month.

The cat wondered why his owner did not come home immediately.

Unfortunately, the outbreak became a Pandemic. More than 20 days have passed and the owner started to panic. Within the next 30 days, the owner tried various ways to get home to his cat.

Not until mid-March, the cat has been alone in his house for 54 days. Logically, cats cannot survive on their own for that long. When he contacted one of his neighbors to check on his cat, when the neighbor entered the house, it was in chaos!

With things scattered everywhere in the house, the neighbor was unable to find the cat for quite a while.

The house is in chaos when the neighbor checked on the cat.

Just in the nick of time, when the neighbor was about to tell the owner that he could not find the cat, he suddenly saw the stools in the owner’s bedroom. The neighbor was able to find the cat sleeping calmly on the floor, was panicking but surviving. The cat was alive but in poor condition.

Upon hearing the news that his cat was still alive, the owner cried for joy but had doubts in his mind. How could the cat have survived for more than 15 days by living only with the food supply he has left for the cat?

After such a long absence of its owner, the cat panicked but is surviving.

Apparently, the owner remembered that there were 2 stashes of large cat food in the house and not yet opened. The cat ripped open these stashes when he was very hungry. With an intelligent cat like this, there is no doubt it can survive on its own and live safely.

In early April, on the 73rd day after letting the cat stay alone, the owner had managed to return home. The owner bought his cat’s usual favorite sausage, and the cat cried while eating it.

The cat cried for joy while eating his favorite sausage.

For 73 days, this cat was left alone in his owner’s house and survived alone. When he was alone, he endured the longing feeling, being helpless, and kept on hoping that one day he would welcome his master back home.

With good luck on the side of this responsible man, he need not ask for any help from his neighbor for his neighbor was ready to help him anytime.

With long time absence, a pet can never understand why you have not come back. Although when you do come back, they can’t help but observe you and are curious to know if you are alright or in any danger. Loyal pets also worry about our well-being.

The cat is very happy his owner came back home.

The cat broke down in tears upon learning that his owner is back home, and he nestled his head on his owner’s lap.

“This is great! Eventually, my owner is alive, and I am, too. I will no longer lose my master and will not part from him again after this day.”

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