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This Young Model Who Looks Like Famous Actress Song Hye-kyo Becomes More Beautiful and She Graces the Modeling World with Impeccable Perfection

Many people want to become a star on television, and seeing yourself in an advertisement is a lot of young girls’ dreams. For some young women, being in the performing arts circle is also quite necessary if you have the talent. Cultural arts is a world where you meet various talented people, and with good luck to hold on to, you will succeed.

Though talent may not have an age limit, you must harness this gift to succeed. Just like an eleven-year-old child with a mixed-race and a beautiful face was born to be in the modeling world.

In 2018, Ella Gross, an international child model from South Korea, graced the modeling world. The German-Korean mixed-race Ella has doll-like exquisite features, the youngest model to endorse major international brands, confidently posing for every photo, and many people have agreed that she looks like the younger version of South Korean superstar Song Hye-kyo.

In addition to being called “Little Song HuiJo,” Ella also has the title of Blackpink’s “Mini Jennie”!

Ella’s parents are also beautiful and confident people. She has inherited her Korean mother’s features and her German father’s good genes. A mixture of East and West characteristics with a beautiful and delicate outcome.

Ella has been a model since she was 7 years old, being a brand endorser for such big-named products as Zara, Levis, and Gap. Her lovely features have graced many billboards and TV advertisements, and has become the world’s most talked-about “child supermodel” since the past years!

Two years have passed, and Ella has turned 11-years-old. She is now known as the “child model with beautiful features.” Soon her modeling career will soar!

As young as she is, Ella has an Instagram account with more than 3.82 million followers. With the saying that goes, “Popularity can crush many big-name stars,” though, social media can be quite amazing!

In September 2019, Ella Gross was invited to the TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION catwalk in Tokyo, Japan, and later appeared at Spring/Summer2020 at New York Fashion Week.

You may check out her photos from the New York Fashion week on Instagram here.


Eleven-year-old Ella can handle any fashion style, change into a new set of fashionable clothes that can transform her into a charming and mature princess!

Ella’s features are really beautiful and delicate, and netizens have adored and praised her for her talent. Some of them can be heard saying, “If only I had a daughter like her in the future!”

Ella’s popularity did not decline as the years past, but continued to soar and shine in the fashion world. South Korean entertainment company YG also saw Ella’s unlimited potential, so she signed up to become a Label Black artist. Young Ella has officially become the women’s group Blackpink’s little sister!

In addition to her modeling career, Ella also loves music. She learned to play the guitar at a very young age. She also studies modern dance, and ballet is one of her strengths. So many talented girls like Ella have auditioned for YG, a strong-background entertainment company. With Ella’s unlimited potential, people believe that her future will continue to develop perfectly, and perhaps will become the next star of tomorrow!

“The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Ella Gross is not only lucky to be born beautiful, but she also works very hard to hone her talents! This beautiful young woman is worthy of a future that will harness her entire development, from a child superstar to a young woman of beauty and talent! Let’s continue to wish her all the best in her upcoming and rising career!

This young woman will surely continue to develop her career until she grows up!

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