Thursday, August 6

Hardworking 10yo boy sells mango juice to earn money to buy PS4 himself

Kids usually asked parents to buy them all sorts of things, especially toys. The same goes for this 10-year-old Danish Izzuddin from Malaysia, but what sets him apart is what he did after.

One day, Danish asked for a game console from his parents, but they told him that they would only buy him if he got first place in his school examinations. Probably thinking that getting first place is rather hard for him, Danish finds other ways to get his dream PlayStation 4 (PS4).

That was when Danish took his father’s suggestion to start a small business of selling mango juice to earn money, in the same footsteps as his mother who is selling pickled mango.

Credit: Facebook

Danish blended the juice himself using fresh mangoes, bottled it up, and then ready to be couriered to customers.

Credit: Facebook

With his 17-year old sister Sally Nur Dinie helping out on the marketing by promoting Danish’s little business on Facebook and Twitter, his enterprise quickly boomed and they’ve been receiving orders from people living outside of the state too!

“I was very shocked because many Malaysians were willing to support the business despite how we are all going through the Movement Control Order (MCO) together,” said Sally.

“They are willing to help support my brother’s business. I wish them nothing but health and safety always. Thank you so much.”

Credit: Facebook

Many local Malaysians were inspired and touched by how Danish already understands what hard work is at an early age. They praised Danish for his determination and wish him all the best.

Danish might get to buy his PS4 soon!

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