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Woman lost her life after going back into the fire for trying to save all of her dogs

The relationship that exists between humans and their pets is truly amazing. Some people didn’t consider their furry friends as pets, but rather as members of the family and treated them nothing less than that.

That is exactly what 38-year-old Michelle Mirasol from Bacolod, Philippines feels about all her pet dogs. Unfortunately, she lost them in a tragic incident despite all of her efforts to save them all.

Mirasol thinks of her dogs as family.

Michelle was at home with her parents, son and pets when a fire suddenly broke out. The whole family is getting out of the house very quickly, but the dogs don’t always understand what’s going on in times like this and clearly need extra help.

The house was suddenly on fire and her dogs were still in there!

As soon as Mirasol sees that her parents and son are out of the fire and safe, she returns to her home to save all her puppies. The firefighters didn’t allow her to do that but she’s determined that she will not just wait and see. Mirasol did everything she can to save all her dogs.

After a tense several minutes, the loving mother managed to save the lives of her three dogs in the midst of the blaze. However, there are still six left to be found.

So she keeps on ignoring all the instructions to not to re-enter the house.

Mirasol used a wet towel on her head trying to protect herself from the smoke but unfortunately, this was not enough. The firefighters found her lifeless body a few minutes later.

Mirasol lost her life suffocated by the smoke while trying to save all her dogs. She was a few meters from the cage with her six puppies and five of them lost their lives too.

The firefighters only managed to save the life of one small puppy.

Due to her love for animals that take a toll on her life, the community of rescuers and animal lovers want to publicize Mirasol’s story and highlight how great her love was for all her pets.

The PAWSsion Project organization shares some emotional words to support Mirasol’s family in these hard times and raises funds for puppies that are still alive so that they can receive the animal care they needed

“Mirasol, you have our respect. You are with your furry babies until the end,” said the organization.

Mirasol will always be remembered for her extraordinary courage and amazing examples of what unconditional love is. That’s the dedication and affection deserved by all puppies in the world.

May you rest in peace, Mirasol.

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