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Community buys out donuts so this shop owner can go home early and spend time with sick wife

Life can be difficult sometimes but with the encouragements and helps from people around us can bring new hopes. When this donut shop owner’s wife fall sick, people in the communities came to offer their supports and the story went viral. 

John Chan and his wife, Stella are refugees from Cambodia now living in Seal Beach, southern California. They’ve been a part of the community here and the couple started selling donuts, generations after generations, for more than 28 years now.

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Since the 1990s, the couple has been behind the counter of Donut City, 7 days a week. But one day, Chan’s beloved wife of more than 30 years falls ill and now recovering from a brain aneurism. Her sister stepped in to help out but the customers immediately missed Stella.

Credit: YouTube

“She’s always smiling, full of life, always in a great mood,” says one of their regular customers.

Because of their affections to the man who makes the confection, the community wanted to help. They wanted to raise a fund and set a GoFundMe page to help the couple. However, Chan refuses because Stella didn’t want that. They just want their business to keep going.

“We wanted to offer John some money, but he’s a proud man and didn’t want to take it. So I said let’s just come here and buy his inventory out every morning, early, so he can get home and be with his wife and help mend her back to full health,” said Marc Loopesko, one of the customers there.

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So one person shares Chan’s story on social media suggesting that the community could help out and bring donuts to work, church, or school – because as soon as the donuts sold out, Chan can leave and spend more time with his wife.

Chan opens his shop as early as just a little after 4 AM every morning because the earliest customer arrives at 4:30 AM. After hearing the story about Chan and his wife, suddenly more and more people even from thousand of miles just to buy the donuts in dozens so the man can go home early, and be with his wife.

Credit: YouTube

By 6:45 AM, just more than two hours after Chan opens, nearly all donuts are sold. What’s left is just the donut holes, but that’s gone too not long after.

“All I can say is thank you very much for the neighbor and the community. They helped me so much,” said Chan.

Credit: YouTube

It’s amazing how the community comes together only to help this couple. We need more people like them in this world.

Watch the full video here:

What do you think about this amazing story of kind people in the community?  Do you have similar story in your community? Please tell us more about your thoughts and your story of kindness and helps from surrounding people.  

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