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Waitress with dying husband cries after receiving $12,000 tip from complete strangers

When you have a sick husband, four small children, and a job to keep, going through day to day life is not easy. As Jessica, a young waiter at Chilli’s concerned about the health of her husband and the thought of losing her home, there are amazing people who understand that any money that’s coming in, would mean the world to this young mother.

Jessica met her husband, Robert John Reboredo Jr. from mutual friends and they feel that they’re meant to be right away. The couple got married, blessed with four children, and had a happy life.

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However, Robert was suddenly diagnosed with testicle cancer that spread to his stomach and into his lungs. He was admitted to LA Hospital. Just like that, Jessica’s life changed drastically. She has to travel back and forth from LA because she can’t afford to miss work and lost her income in order to survive these hard times.

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Leaving the work around 3 to 4 AM in the morning, Jessica is trying her best to keep smiling despite her hardship. As Jessica was struggling along, the FOX5 Surprise Squad decided to surprise her with the tips of her life. The squad was in disguise and started to tipped Jessica off one by one.

The first one tipped her $200 and the second one tipped her $300. Jessica can’t stop saying how that was a huge blessing and feeling very thankful for their kind gestures. The third man tipped her $500.

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“What did he give you? He gave you $500? I’m going to give you $1,000,” said another man in the restaurant.

“Oh my god. Don’t do that. Are you serious right now?” said Jessica to the man, with her voice shivers.

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Feeling extremely touched by the sudden generous gesture, Jessica started to cry.

“You guys have no idea how much this means to me. My husband is actually in the hospital. I almost lost him a week ago,” said Jessica while sobbing.

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After the FOX5 squad enters the restaurant to break the surprise to her, United Nissan owner Don Forman suddenly comes in and brings Jessica another surprise – a $10,000 tip! Not only that, but they also prepared her options of place to stay and a car to drive back and forth, while she’s taking care of her dying husband.

“I had no idea, I thought it was just me and my family out there trying to do this. I’m trying to keep all of our hopes and dreams alive and bringing Daddy back home. Luckily my kids are young enough that I can shelter them from this. But my biggest thing is just to keep your head high and keep smiling – because as long as you can keep smiling, you’ll make it through it,” said Jessica.

Credit: YouTube

Thanks to these amazing people, Jessica gets to take care of her husband and her family properly. Robert held on as long as he could and finally passed away in peace, with his family by his side.

Watch the full video here:

This shows how we always need to be kind, because we can never know what someone is going through. Have you been in a similar situation? Share with us your thoughts and story of meeting any angels in disguise, just like Jessica.

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