New Lokdohori song “Mattiyera Hoki” ByKrishna Gurung & Rishi Khadka

The famous dancer parbati Rai can be seen as an artist of this video.The male dancer of this video is Kishan Garbuja.The director of this song is Prakash Bhatta.Rishi Khadka & Krishna Gurung are the vocalist here.The lyrics writer of this song are chiran Pun & Kishan Garbuja Pun. The cinematography and editor are Karan Chaisir and Bishnu Sharma.This song” Mattiyera Hoki ” is based on modern concept where we can see the models presents here are in modern outfits.Thus,this song is increasing its viewers in a rapid way.

Title Song : Mattiyera Hoki

Director : Prakash Bhatta

Editor : Bishnu Sharma

Vocal : Rishi Khadka & Krishna Gurung

Lyrics : Chairan Pun & Kishan Garbuja Pun

Artist : Parbati Rai & Kishan Garbuja

Composer : Rishi Khadka

Cinematographer : Karan Chaisir

प्रकाशित : बुधबार, चैत १६, २०७३०८:३८

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