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Police officer bought a bike to an 18-year-old after found out he walked 7 miles just to get to work

Not many people are willing to walk as far as seven miles just to get to work. When police officer Kurt Keffer discovered an 18 year old young man who walk to company, he knew he had to do something about it.

It all started when officer Keffer was making his night stroll in the industrial section of Benicia, California and suddenly spotted a figure in dark hoody walking down the street. As he normally didn’t see anyone out at that time, it was natural that he approached the figure who turned out to be the 18-year-old Jordan Dunkin.

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“I noticed it was a police officer car. Okay, I’m not going to move. I don’t want anyone to think that I have any weapons,” told Jordan recalling the moment.

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As Keffer approached him, Jordan explained that he was just walking home from work. The conversation would’ve stopped there, but it’s not. Keffer decided that he will give this young man a ride. To his surprise, Jordan’s house is not just a trip around the block, but it turns out to be seven miles – two and a half hour walk to Jordan’s house, a whole town away in Vallejo, California.

“Not many 18-year-old that you meet have that kind of mindset. They don’t even want to walk to the store, let alone walk seven miles just to get to work,” said Keffer.

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Jordan started to walk to work after his car broke down a few months before. He said that people had offered him a ride, but he just wants to make it on his own. When Keffer heard that, he immediately makes a plan to visit Jordan again.

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In his second visit, Keffer comes with the intention to give Jordan something he would’ve never expected. To ease the young man’s commute, Keffer got The Police Association to buy Jordan a new bike.

“I was just looking at the bike and (I said) this bike is going to be cherished,” said Jordan.

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Not only that, Keffer also raised an additional $38,000 to help Jordan buy a car and pursue his career goal – to be a police officer. After meeting an amazing and helpful one like Keffer, Jordan would be glad to pursue his career goal very soon.

Credit: YouTube

Watch the full video here:

Jordan doesn’t have to walk seven miles to work anymore!  Do you think you can walk 7 miles to work everyday? Have you heard any story of kindness similar to this? Share with us your story in the comment section!

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