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The couple had conjoined twins in 2001 and took 7 months to make decision to separate them

Pregnancy can be overwhelming when it’s our first time. This is particularly true when we realize that the mom will be spending the next 40 miraculous weeks with the baby, growing inside you.

When Emily and James Stark got pregnant for the first time, she somehow knew that she would have twins. “I just always knew in my heart that we would have twins”. During her second ultrasound, the doctors confirmed that she had conceived twins and also told them something that would change the course of their lives, thereon.

“They are joined, somewhere in the lower region”, the doctor said.

Even though the term ‘conjoined twins’ is something that they understood immediately but what they didn’t realize was the fact that about 35% of conjoined twins live only one day.

On March 9, 2001, Lexi and Sydney Stark were born and despite the ‘conjoined’ complications, they were healthy and beautiful. James stark went over to his daughter Lexi and said, “Oh Lexi!, are you having a nightmare. A nightmare that your sister is stuck to your butt.” It was all giggles in the room and worries within.

7 Months later, on October 9, James and Emily took the ‘conjoined daughters’ for the separation surgery. Having learned about their complication during the pregnancy, the couple took their time to get to the decision. A decision that could mean a final goodbye or could take away one of their children. A few hours later, a nurse came out and broke the news in two magical words ‘We have two babies’.

17 years later, the once ‘conjoined twins’ that shared intestines and spine, call their parents- precious and the best. They twin believe that they have been very blessed in their case as there have been no lingering effects or health issues that they face.

When asked about how people react when they first break out their news, Sydney laughs off saying, “When we tell them that we only have on butt cheek they are like really, I didn’t even notice.”

Lexi and Sydney are both very vivid yet connected personalities. They are both very fun loving and outgoing and love each other unconditionally. They go out during the day and live their lives differently but come back and sleep in their ‘conjoined position’ if their day proved stressful. Their mom remarks, “When they’re super stressed and you walk in their room, you’re like oh they are stressed coz they are back in that position.”

 Lexi and Sydney Stark are pursuing their career goals and will easily outdo it since it is nothing compared to what they have already had victory over. The life the Stark family is a beautiful lesson that teaches us to accept life’s reality and challenge it with your gut and preparation.

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