Wednesday, October 21

Girl steps up to ask teen with down syndrome to homecoming after he was rejected by others—she was awarded a brand new car for her kindness

A simple act of kindness is just what you need to change everything and this story of 17-year-old down syndrome Daniel Rivas proves that.

It all started when Daniel wanted to go to homecoming with a date but he was turned down many times. This is when the kindhearted Kylie Fronius stepped in and made her sweet proposal to Daniel at school, which quickly hit the social media.

“I don’t think of kids with a disability as them being different. I think of them just as a normal person learning in a different way,” said Kylie.

“Someone took the time to take my son to homecoming, words can’t describe what I’m feeling,” said Tonya Rivas (Daniel’s mother) whose clearly touched with the length that Kylie took to make her friend happy.

Thanks to this simple act of kindness, the FOX5 Surprise Squad decided to give both Daniel and Kylie a surprise. They will be arriving at the homecoming with a Rolls Royce and even get to dine in an expensive restaurant, eating anything they like at the Bistro 57.

“You guys are awesome. It’s not about Daniel having a disability, but it’s that Kylie didn’t see any disability on him,” said Tonya, Daniel’s mom.

As Daniel and Kylie were done with their luxurious dinner, they continue their journey to the homecoming, and once again surprise with a red carpet walk prepared just for both of them. These two friends were having their best time at the prom and enjoying their night.

When they thought that was all, Don Forman, the United Nissan owner came with another surprise. Daniel was awarded a $10,000 scholarship so that he can follow his dream to go to college after school and become a chef.

As for Kylie, she got a surprise car that she can drive anywhere she wants.

“Daniel wants to go to college and a lot of people put boundaries on him. He’s capable of doing and anything he wants,” said Tonya.

Now there are no more boundaries for Daniel! Wishing both of you success after high school!

Watch the full video here:

What do you think about this amazing girl who asked this guy out?  Do you think she has a heart of an angel?  We shouldn’t discriminate anyone base on their disability. Every kind person in the world should be cherished by the community.  We say a big Well Done to Kylie and wish her best of luck.

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