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93-year-old navy veteran speeder gets away with it by telling the judge his heroic story

One mistake does not have to rule your entire life or define you in any way possible – just like this one mistake by this 93 year old man named Nicolas Manzo.

Manzo was caught speeding and having a red light violation at Pleasant Valley Parkway. As he arrived at the court, Chief Judge Frank Caprio was waiting for him. Caprio asked if Manzo remembers the violation he made.

“I went and investigated it four or five times, I was wrong, no question about it. I made a right-hand turn and that’s the first violation I’ve got in 72 years of driving,” said Manzo.

Yes, he’s been driving for 72 years. Manzo is not your average old man – he’s 93 years old and a World War 2 Navy veteran.

Looking at how amazingly he admitted to his mistake and proudly held his head while owning his mistake, Judge Caprio asked Manzo to tell the court about his story.

During the Second World War, a sense of patriotism was at its peak. There was such a strong patriotism in the country that the 16-year-old Manzo back then trying to get in the service and fight for his country so much that he even forged a document.

“I joined the Navy when I was 16 years old. I went up to Federal Hill, Holy Ghost Church, and got my birth certificate forged – made myself 17 years old, joined the Navy. Everything was fine until 2 weeks later, the policeman and the Navy came to arrest him because I forged my birth certificate,” told Manzo.

“So I waited another year, left Mt. Pleasant High School, and went to the Navy. Within┬áthree to four months of joining the Navy, I was out in the Pacific. I spent 3 years, 29 months, in the Pacific. Every battle that was in the Pacific, I was there, I was in it.”

“I was an on-board ship, big ship, battleship. We were in many battles. The worst one I see was Iwo Jima, that was terrible. We lost more Marines in that invasion than I think any other war outside of the Battle of the Bulge, that was the worst ever. I was in every battle that was in the Pacific, from 1943 to 1945. We didn’t miss one and they were brutal.”

Just like how his father served the country in the World War 1 and survived, Manzo was in the World War 2 and come back alive, too. The judge was later telling the old man that he received letters and checks almost every day to be used to help veterans.

“A gentleman, Anthony Christiansen from Panhandle, Texas sent me a check of $50 and said that his father is a World War 2 Navy Veteran. He wants me to use this to honor his father and his service as a veteran. You’re a Navy veteran as well so I’m going to use this check,” said the judge.

Just like that, Manzo was dismissed from the court and Caprio thanked him for his amazing contribution serving the country.

Watch the full video here:

Indeed, it is important to hear the background story first and never to jump to the conclusion. Just like Manzo, he made one mistake and that didn’t define him at all. He’s been serving the country very well and an amazing man. Have you met a story like this one before? Share with us in the comment section.

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