Wednesday, October 21

15yo Indian girl cycles over 700 miles for 8 days to bring home her stranded wounded father

After learning that her father who works as a migrant worker in the city could not return home when the government imposed the lockdown restrictions and curfews nationwide, 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari from India decided to take things in her own hands.

As her father can no longer work due to coronavirus and even have injuries due to work, Kumari is determined to bring him back herself. Kumari and her father, Mohan Paswan used up all their savings to buy a 1,537 rupees (equivalent to around $20) bicycle and also for travel expenses.

Equipped with only a bottle of water and a handphone for communication, Kumari took her father on a bicycle ride from Haryana to their house in Bihar.

Credit: liveMint

After a 1,126 kilometers ride that took 8 days, Kumari and her father safely reach their home.

Kumari amazing journey and remarkable performance to bring home her father got her the nickname ‘Bicycle Girl’ and quickly gained international attention after being widely watched in social media. Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the President of the United States also posted about her in her Twitter account.

As the news spread, Kumari suddenly received an invitation for the cycling athlete selection from the National Team of India Cycling Union but the young girl refused as she would like to prioritize her education in school.

Not to waste her daughter’s amazing talent, Paswan assured that he will send Kumari to participate in the selection of the national team after she graduated high school.

Kumari’s endurance and love for her family have received widespread attention not only in India, but from all over the world – and surely us too!

May Kumari continues to remain optimistic and amazing as she has wonderful future ahead of her!

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