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Curious cats got attracted by cat figurines inside art gallery and asked security guard’s permission to enter the premise

Cat has always been one of the cutest, funniest, and smartest pets we could ever ask. Besides all that, they are also entertaining – like these cats in Hiroshima, Japan.

In 2017, the Onomichi Art Gallery in Hiroshima, Japan held a cat-themed exhibition. A few cat figurines were placed in the front room of the art gallery to attract people to visit the art gallery, but the figurines clearly attracted its own kind.

Looking at how alive the cat figurines looked like, the nearby wild cats got interested and didn’t want to miss their chance to visit their ‘friends’.

Credit: Twitter

This orange street cat was particularly perseverance while walking in front of the art gallery every day, looking out for opportunities to enter the place.

Credit: Twitter

Of course, it never managed to get in because he was stopped by the gallery guard.

Credit: Twitter

A few days later, a black cat appeared.

Credit: Twitter

Could this be the orange cat trying to change its strategy? Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or orange, and clearly a cat – if you do not buy the ticket, you’re definitely not allowed to get in.

It turns out that the black cat and the orange cat are actually friends and both of them trying to get into the gallery to meet their other ‘friends’ inside.

Despite being stopped by the guard, the black cat didn’t give up and sneakily trying to get past the front door.

Credit: Twitter

Of course, the black cat can’t get into the gallery too.

Credit: Twitter

Although the guard tirelessly trying to stop these cats every single day, he’s not annoyed but happy instead to see the cats persistently trying to get their way into the gallery.

After the gallery uploaded the pictures of the guard trying to stop these naughty cats on their social media page, these cats gained the public attention at how funny their attics were. Onomichi Art Gallery also intends to publish the photos as an album collection.

The black cat is waiting for its chance.

Credit: Twitter

Besides the guard, all the staff at the gallery also love these cats and they’re now considered as the part-time mascot of the gallery. How cute!

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