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Bank manager left his comfort zone to pursue a new career as farmer

A sudden change in our career not only  needs a lot of courage but also the bravery to take on a new journey.

Eight years ago, Kenny Soon We Hong from Malaysia decided that he’s ready to leave his comfort zone and pursue his dream life – as a farmer.

Back then when he was only 30-year-old, Kenny who’s working as a manager in a bank at that time decided to leave his five-figure income job to begin setting up a farm.

The now 38-year-old man said that he always wanted to buy a piece of land, build a small home and plant vegetables and fruits to supply his little family.

However, to be able to live his dream life, the father of three knew that he had to earn enough money and acquire some experience in life. So he followed the normal path anyone would take.

“…I studied in university, graduated, found a job, worked in a bank and was slowly promoted to bank manager. My last post before I left the bank was Area Manager. And although many people envied me as a manager in the bank, I never forgot my dream,” shared Kenny.

After leaving his job, Kenny’s wife who works as a government school teacher gladly supported his dream and helped sustain their living expenses and loan commitments. In the meantime, Kenny also worked as a real estate agent as wanted to obtain first-hand information about land for sale and to earn some money in the time being.

Ready to take on his mission to live the life he always wanted, Kenny enrolled in an agricultural course run by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries to gain knowledge, besides doing a lot of studying and research on his own.

He also tried his best to meet people in the industry who were willing to teach him.

When he first started, Kenny was also learning along the way as he had to deal with problems such as the weather and pests that threatened to ruin his plants at that time.

Now eight years later, Kenny bought a 2.8ha plot of land in Johor and now runs a farm of over 2,000 banana trees, 450 coconut trees, 150 goats, and hundreds of chickens and ducks.

He planted various fruits and vegetables including chilies, sweet potatoes, jackfruit, cempedak, mangoes, lime, papaya, starfruit, pineapple, and guava.

He grows groundnuts too!

The okra looking all fresh and tasty!

Proud to employ environmentally friendly methods on his farm where they make compost from excess food and animal feed, Kenny currently manages his farm with his father and two employed workers. They also use animal waste as fertilizer when possible too.

“I feel happier, healthier, and satisfied with my life now – I can do something I love, spend more time with family, and be closer to nature,” said Kenny, adding that he no longer has to participate in unnecessary entertainment and drinking that he associated with the life of a banker.

Spending his free time teaching his children about farming, Kenny hopes to spread the message of simplicity and farming by inviting school children over to his farm.

Kenny let the school children get close to nature in the best possible way.

How amazing! Kenny now leads a healthier and definitely happier life! Have you met someone who’s willing to leave their comfort zone to pursue their dreams? Share with us in the comment section!

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