Wednesday, September 30

Officer and his selfie-session with his dog go viral and the internet is loving it!

Calling all pet lovers! To say that half of the pictures in our phones are of our pets isn’t too far of a stretch, don’t you agree?

Same goes for Andre Cloyd, a police officer from Texas, who was spotted taking selfies with his K9 dog and showing them to the pooch during his patrol at Love Field airport.

This heartwarming scene was captured by Gina Anzaldua Stevenson who was a passing traveler and decided to share the moment by posting on Dogspotting Society Facebook page.

In no time, the post gained much love from users all around as they like and share to spread the adorable interaction.

Even better, it goes full circle back to Andre Cloyd!

“Thank you for all the love shown to Zigi and I,” he replies in a post, pleasantly surprised by the attention they were receiving. After much begging from the users, Cloyd happily complies to share the final product of their selfies.

NBC 5 uncovers the backstory that started it all — a text message thread with his family. He revealed that his mum sent a selfie at work, wishing everyone a productive day.

“I was on my way to work, and I said, ‘I’ll just take her a photo once I get inside,” he recalled.

Wishing to return the sentiments, Cloyd and his K9, Zigi, takes a break after their patrol and, lo and behold, their magical interaction was captured and there goes the start of their sudden fame.

“They captured what’s everyday life for us. We weren’t doing anything special,” Cloyd explained. “We take photos together, we watch movies together, we go to the gym together.”

It’s clear how beautiful the relationship and bond between officer Cloyd and Zigi is. Anyone can tell their partnership knows no bounds. You can follow and enjoy many more of their interactions on their Facebook page.

If this story puts a smile on your face, go ahead and share to your loved ones to brighten up their day!

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