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Man Creates Driveway Racetrack For 4 year old Neighbourhood Kid—Internet Responses With High Praises

Here’s a feel good story about dealing with the current crisis. With the pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, all it takes is one great idea and a cool head to help the community even in a small way.

Yes, we all need this feel-good story even just every once in a while, and let this be an example of how you can deal with certain situations in the best way possible.

Dave Palazzolo turned his annoyance into a beautiful lifetime memory for the children, parents, and neighbours by creating a racetrack on his cemented driveway . (Pix: CanyonChasers)

A guy from Salt Lake City iin Utah has a great cemented driveway. It’s flat, wide and the perfect kind of surface to, say, learn how to ride a bike on. And with such a great driveway comes great responsibility.

The footage which 50-year-old Dave Palazzolo from shared from his outdoor WYZE cam collected more than 12 million You Tube views and over 30,000 heart-warming comments and reactions. In Twitter, the video reached out to over 6 million users.

One You Tube viewer wrote: “ You’re giving this child memories he’ll never forget, and one day when he’s older and watches this, he might cry. That is epic.”

A Twitter user wrote: “Thank you for making a beautiful lifetime memory for the children, parents, and neighbors. You are providing a wonderful example of how to be a great neighbor and kind person. Well done!”

Okay, here we go with the inspiring story.

Dave was getting annoyed that the motion sensor he had just installed in his garage kept going off at every night about the same time.

With the help of his security camera, he discovered that a young kid who would ride by on his bicycle with his parents, instead of driving straight on the sidewalk, the child, identified as Quinn, would make a turn to do a loop in Dave’s driveway.

“Almost every night I got a motion alert from my driveway security camera,” said Dave, sharing the man shared in a video. “It is always this same kid just tearing it up on the flat concrete.”

But instead of telling him to stop, Dave decided he needed to act.

Under the cover of darkness, he went out on his driveway and using chalk, drew a curvy little race track wrote a message to the boy that basically said “Kid, you win.”

Under the cover of darkness, Dave, using pink chalk drew a curvy little race track for the kid (Pix source: CanyonChasers)

The next day, this scene unfolded. “You can almost see the look on his face when he gets it, and then he just charges into it,” said Dave.

That was in June, and from that day to this, Dave’s driveway racetrack has remained. Whenever rain washes it away, he took his driveway up a notch and turned it into a fun little adventure for any child that would pass by.

He even built a contraption to keep the lines straight and now researches famous racecourses for track authenticity.

Dave even built a contraption to keep the lines straight for track authenticity ( Pix source; CBS News)

When he added the race track, he noticed that every kid that passed by took a liking to it on his security camera. Everyone would get so excited, whether they were on a bike or their feet, and just have to give the track a go.

Just the fact that Dave would build a new track every time it rained showed a huge dedication. This is not something he had to do, yet he chose to, out of the kindness of his own heart! What’s more pure than giving kids a fun little adventure to navigate every time they went on a walk?

Dave didn’t just simply draw a track and be done with it — he added so many fun little details that would definitely make a child smile from ear to ear.

“I used up more of the driveway we have. ‘THE BACK STRAIGHT,’ assuming that a three-year-old can read,” he explained on video. “And ‘SLOW!’ And then we turn, and then, ‘EYES UP!’ because you know he’s not looking.”

“Another little rumble and then, ‘FOR THE WIN!’ Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” He added with a glint in his eyes.

It’s amazing to see just how creative he got with it, it’s almost like a fun game for the children. It is also cool that to see the children’s reactions afterward, because they are very uplifting and animated!

“I don’t know who’s having more fun with this — him or me,” Dave said, adding he even went on to show footage of each different child passing through.

“Some would struggle and have a hard time passing through the turns while others seemed to get better and better each and every day.”

“I continued to improve my construction methods,” he said. “Everyone loved it.”

While admitting that he was pretty upset every time the motion alert went off, it was his wife who came up with a “creative” suggestion.

“What transpired has turned into the best part of an otherwise dreary pandemic summer,” Dave said, adding along with his wife, they would be looking forward to the evening alerts of other neighbors using the racetrack on their bikes or with strollers.

Even neighbours with strollers use the racetrack. (Pix source: CanyonChasers)

Before the security camera went off that first time, Dave had never met Quinn or his family. Yet all summer he has been helping to raise the boy – in this small way.

“It’s been amazing,” said Quinn’s dad, Josh. “Just that we can be a part of something like that – that we can see the good side of humanity. It feels good.”

There are a lot of great dads out there. But the true measure of a man is not how he raises his own kids – it’s how he raises the village.

Dave has a real passion for bikes, and it doesn’t stop here. About a month ago, he posted a tutorial video for newbies interested in motorcycle riding. He shared advice and his personal experience as a motorcyclist.

It was also shared on Twitter by NBCUniversal’s Senior Executive named Mike Sington.

Sington’s tweet went viral as soon as it was posted. It has gotten 6.8 million views on the microblogging site.

His tweet also received attention from the NASCAR racers who wanted to send some related things to the kid. Three of them named Kurt Busch, John Hunter Nemechek, and Clay Millican have sent gifts to both Dave and the kid.

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