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Unknown Pitbull Jumps Into Truck And Wouldn’t Leave Until The Driver Takes It Home

Emily and Garrett were returning from their yoga class when they found a pitbull, that definitely wasn’t in their truck before, lying down inside the front passenger side.

They had no clue how he got in and they were having trouble getting him out.

Credit: The Dodo

For 2 hours, they used all sorts of trick, such as offering him food, to lure him out but he appeared to be unmovable. Emily recorded the scene and in one of her videos, she joked: “Did we just get a dog or did the dog get a truck?”

While they decide what to do, the couple made sure the dog was taken care of by giving him food and water.

And fate certainly seemed to be on Buddy’s side that day because Emily and Garrett decided to bring him home in the end.

Credit: The Dodo

Emily took the effort to find the previous owners of Buddy, but eventually they confirmed that Buddy didn’t belong to anyone.

“When I found out that he didn’t in fact belong to anyone. I was like ‘We just got a dog’!” said Emily.

“I was hoping that he wouldn’t end up having any owners because I loved him pretty quickly.”

The couple did everything they can to accommodate the new addition of the family and Buddy loves his new home. Buddy especially likes to roam the woods but there was once where he got lost for a while, throwing Emily and Garrett into a panic. They searched their hardest for Buddy by visiting animal shelters, posting missing articles, etc.

Credit: The Dodo

Not giving up, their search was fruitful when they were contacted from a shelter that Buddy was found and managed to get him back. The story could have taken a grim turn, however, this occasion only helped the couple confirm that Buddy is essential in their lives.

Credit: The Dodo

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