Wednesday, September 30

This Cute Little Puppy Won’t Stop Smiling Until She Gets Adopted

Seven-week-old puppy named Layla’s fame rose after a video of her smiling made its way through the internet. The intention was to find a forever home for her and sure enough, it did.

Nicole Toney and her husband, parents to three dogs and two cats, made no hesitation to visit Layla after the video popped up while they were scrolling through Instagram.

“OMG this dog is so precious! I’m coming home with this dog tomorrow.” Nicole expresses her excitement.

Matthew Toney exchanging loving gazes with Layla

Source: YouTube/TheDodo

But how did Layla ended up in the shelter in the first place? Instead of cosying up with a loving family, she was found wandering the streets between traffic in a miserable state.

Soon enough, Beaumont Animal Care in Texas was notified and sped to the scene to take in the pup, placing her into an animal shelter that was far from harm’s way.

The viral video was taken by vet tech Rachel Barron. She was cooing and comforting the nervous pup when Layla breaks out into a smile, wagging her tail.

Rachel quickly whipped out her phone to capture the moment and spread it around with the captions, “This dog can’t stop smiling and wants to be adopted.”

The Toneys fell in love with Layla at first sight and were certain that she would make a wonderful addition to the family. It also didn’t take long for Layla to make herself comfortable and enjoy the peaceful days that were to come in her new home.Share this heartwarming story with your friends and family!

The Toneys Family successfully takes Layla home. Layla is sure to have a good life with the new family.

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