Wednesday, September 30

Persistent Stray Dog Gets Hired By Car Dealership Because Of His Super Customer Relationship Skill

Persistence pays, and a stray dog, which was roaming the streets of Brazil’s capital city, can vouch for it.

At the beginning of the year, Hyundai Brazil dealership staff saw a dog “hanging around” at the entrance of the showroom as if asking for a job.

It was almost a daily thing. One day, showroom manager, Emerson Mariano decided to let the dog in during a very rainy night.

He was worried that the dog might be drenched in the rain and opened the door to let him. Tucson confidently walked in while Mariano offered him some food, water and shelter in the showroom for the night.

In the morning, Mariano thought the dog would be gone. Instead for so many consecutive days, the staff saw him hanging around the showroom. That was the beginning. Mariano, who was getting attached to the pooch, suggested to his team to adopt Tucson as a pet.

Excited, the staff took Tucson for his “medical check-up” which included vaccinations. With a clean bill of health, Tucson went into action by providing smiles and a wagging tail to all customers who dropped by the showroom.

In fact, the canine’s persistence not only got him a job as ‘pawfessional consultant’, his new employer, Hyundai Brazil dealership, also named him Tucson Prime and gave him the company tag, allowing Tucson to enjoy all the benefits that other Hyundai workers do.

And now Tucson is reaping the rewards of persistence. His drive has put him in a position where he is expected to star in a national marketing campaign for Hyundai. What more can this homeless canine ask but to thank his lucky stars and the phenomenal job he has been doing!

Tucson was officially adopted in May, but it wasn’t until recently that the story went viral online. Someone from the Hyundai Brazil dealership posted the image of the dog on Instagram and the rest is history.

The staff said the initial plan was to provide shelter for the dog, but his ability to greet and interact with clients has helped him get a promotion.According to Mariano, customers would buy a car and they would still come back to give the dog a gift.

“Customers’ comments about the customer service provided in the store have been very positive since Tucson arrived,” said Mariano, who added that generally the atmosphere of the organization has improved, thanks to the “docile and friendly nature” of the dog.

Tucson is not just a skilful consultant, a dedicated worker, and a loving doggie but also a star. He now has 163K followers on Instagram.

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