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These Two Unwanted Pit Bulls Comfort Each Other After Being Left At A Shelter

It was another sad day when two Pitties were left by their owners at a shelter with little to no explanation. I can’t imagine how scary and horrific the experience must have been.

A picture of them hunched over, scared and helpless, was captured and it was posted online in search of a forever home for them.

Credit: TheDodo

The picture garnered so much attention and it attracted a woman named Minda who was a fellow dog fosterer.

“…They look so broken…It seemed all they had left was each other. They needed to learn what love felt like. I wanted to be the one to teach them.”

Wasting no time, Minda and her husband, Casey rushed to the shelter to take them in and foster them. That was the day of a new turn in Bridget and Louie’s lives.

Credit: TheDodo


On the way back, Minda noted the behaviour of the two dogs. Louie, the black dog who was obviously very young, was very shy and timid.

Throughout the ride, he had perched and clung himself under Bridget, the bigger dog who took upon herself as a guardian in front of Louie.

She had stood up tall and watched their surroundings with wary eyes in a lookout for any danger.

They only had each other which goes to show just how much they trust one another.

Credit: Facebook/The Adventures of Bridget and Louie
Credit: Facebook/The Adventures of Bridget and Louie


However, as soon as Minda reached home, a sense of peace could visibly be seen falling upon Bridget as she climbed onto their couch, wagging her tail and soon fell asleep.

“I don’t think she moved from that spot all day,” Minda claims. “She was finally able to relax for the very first time. She didn’t have to worry about where she was, or if Louie was okay.”


Credit: Facebook/The Adventures of Bridget and Louie

The Pitties weren’t used to being in a home. Minda and Casey had to teach the most simple instructions like how to sit and they crate trained them until they know their way around the house.

Louie did not want to leave Bridget’s side for even a moment so naturally, they let them share and sleep in the same crate.

The dogs didn’t truly open up until they met Minda and Casey’s other dogs. It was a given. They’ve found fellow tail-waggers who they’re familiar with and they were excited to play with them.

That was when their foster mom realized that they will be alright.

Source: The Adventures Of Bridget and Louie

Still, the bond between Bridget and Louie was strong as ever. Wherever one goes, the other goes. It was almost impossible to see them separately.

When they were finally in a condition to be adopted, it was a must to stay together. That wasn’t a problem for Monica who had been following the story of Bridget and Louie for months since their first picture at the shelter.

Credit: Facebook/The Adventures of Bridget and Louie


Their foster parents drove all the way from Houston to San Diego to meet their new mom.

“I can still remember the bittersweet feeling through the entire drive. When you foster, it’s never easy to let go. You fall in love with every little moment you’ve spent with them, and only want them to have a perfect life. They deserve it.”

Once they arrived, they knew it was the place for Bridget and Louie. The place where they can spend the rest of their lives together happily in a caring home.

Years came and went and the two Pitties have been staying in their new home. Louie has finally broken out of his shell and is even more energetic and outgoing than before.

Bridget is the same old girl who still likes to curl up on the couch, spending her time there until the day ends.

But what has never changed is their never-ending love and bond to one another.

Watch the video on the amazing story of Bridget and Louie down below:


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