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Cashier at Walgreens Lends Her last $20 to a Customer; Gets Rewarded More Than $10,000

A cashier at Walgreens in Houston helped a customer by lending her last $20. In return, netizens gave her a reward for helping out a complete stranger.

A random act of kindness: Rita Jackson Burns, a cashier at Walgreens, has gained the respect and warmth of people’s hearts when she helped a stranger with her last $20 to make a purchase, MSN reported.

For so many years, Rita has been respected by her colleagues due to her kind-heartedness and ethics at work. Rina Liou has witnessed her qualities when she passed by Walgreens where Rita was on duty a couple of weeks ago. She was in a hurry and bought some light bulbs when she suddenly realized she left her mobile phone and wallet at home when she was about to pay. Upon seeing the customer panicking, Rita did an incredible gesture of offering to pay for the items.

“I said, I will go ahead and pay for it, for you,” Rita was quoted as saying. “I just was a little short on funds.”

Rita did not hesitate to swipe her debit card to cover the expenses amounting to $12.41, even when she only had $20 left in her account, and hoped that the purchase would go through. Customer Rina was so incredibly touched by Rita’s gesture that she rushed home and immediately came back to the store that same evening and paid Rita for her purchases, adding a little more extra for the very kind gesture.

Surprising Revelation: After her wonderful experience in Walgreens, Rina immediately shared this on the neighborhood app, Nextdoor, and was surprised to realize that many of the app users have known Rita for her character being kind-hearted.

A Nextdoor user named Meg said, “Rita is the happiest, best employee that Walgreens has to offer in normal circumstances.”

Another user, Renee, also said this about Rita, “Rita is the best!! She is such a lovely person and always remembers me by name and always asks how my mom is doing.”

Leslie, another Nextdoor app user, said that everybody who has heard of Rita’s kind gestures likes her. “Each time I walk into Walgreens she never ceases to put a smile on my face. She is amazing! She has seen our kids grow up for more than 20 years and regularly asks about them when we walk in.”

Upon learning of what Rita has done for the customer, a group of Nextdoor neighbor app users decided to create a GoFundMe page for Rita, to show their appreciation, love, and gratitude for her incredible gestures.

Rina goes home. Grabs wallet. Returns to @Walgreens. Pays Rita back, with a little extra. Then Rina shares the experience on @Nextdoor.

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign was to raise $5,000 initially, but more and more donations came in and it reached the $8,000 and $10,000 breakthrough. So far, the donations have reached over $11,000 out of its $12,000 goal.

Rita has been an employee at the same Walgreens branch for 38 years. She told KHOU11 that customer interactions and relations are most important in her job. Believing in life’s golden rule, she never hesitates to help people when they are in need without expecting anything in return.

Image credit: KHOU11

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