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“Capt. Rohan” Reunites with Pre-school Teacher Who Encouraged Him After 30 Years, On a Flight to Chicago, Illinois

Nobody realized that the dream of a 3-year-old boy would come true after 30 years.

3-year-old Rohan Bhasin is an Indian boy who came from a low-income family. His father’s job was an experienced airline pilot, so the family had enough for food and clothing, but because Rohan had many siblings, he did not live a comfortable life due to so many expenses.


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When he was still a child, Rohan admired his father and was like a hero to him. He would often run to see his father at the plane’s cockpit, and by his father’s side would watch him fly the airplane in the bright sky. Little Rohan made a decision that someday he will follow in his father’s footsteps and grow up to become a pilot!

One school day, Rohan’s kindergarten teacher asked everyone in the class to share what career they decided to take in the future. Rohan, who stood confidently in front, said, “Hello everyone, I am Captain Rohan, I will grow up to become a pilot. I want to fly!” The whole class burst into laughter, not realizing that he has seriously decided to pursue his dream.

However, there was still one person in the classroom who believed in Rohan. She was Sudha Satyan, his preschool teacher. She told the class that she had faith in all of them and calmly told Rohan, “You can be a great man just like your father. You can do it, Rohan!” Upon hearing this, he became more confident and did his best to do well in school to reach his goal.

30 years later and Rohan has grown up. Sudha boarded a flight from Delhi, India to Chicago, and upon settling on her seat for this long-haul flight, she finally heard a familiar voice: “Hello everyone, this is Captain Rohan, very happy for everyone….” Upon hearing this, he requested the flight attendant to meet the pilot. When he finally came to see her, Sudha immediately recognized her preschool student 30 years ago, who was determined to become a pilot someday. Rohan and his teacher, Sudha, hugged with tears of joy in their eyes.

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Rohan and his teacher never expected that moment to happen on a plane he was flying 30 years later. This is a touching story shared by his mother, Nivedita Bhasin on Twitter, and on a well-known local media news outlet, Times of India.

The process of reaching your dream is very difficult. Midway, we experience frustrations, to almost giving up. Rohan never gave up. All those years, he remembered his teacher’s encouraging words and successfully fulfilled his dream. Luckily, his preschool teacher witnessed his success.

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