Sunday, November 29

Dog At Shelter Smiles For A Selfie And Wins The Heart Of Caretaker Girl

It turns out humans aren’t the only ones who like to take selfies. Even dogs do! They leap into a pose as you train the camera on them and before you click, they surprise you with a grin or a smile!

Adorable and precious moments indeed! Selfies like these you wouldn’t want to keep to yourself but share with your online friends in the social media.

That is exactly what this girl who works as a volunteer in a non-governmental dog rescue shelter at Avenida Pacaembu in São Paulo (Brazil) did. She shared some remarkable shots of a particular dog with whom she decided to take a selfie.

You can almost hear the little dog saying “cheese” as the shelter caretaker girl turned her smartphone on the dog for a selfie.

She didn’t expect when the pup burst into a grin as if telling the girl he understood what she wanted – a selfie with a smile! No coercion nor treats to bribe the little doggie to smile!

She couldn’t hide her excitement that she decided to share the shots she took with her friends on the social media.

In the photos, the pup shows off his big jaw as if to say ‘Did you want a picture? Here you have it!”

Still trying to get over the surprise, he writes: “He was at my work and he sat next to me… I said: let’s take a picture! I still don’t have one with you. And then, he smiled! “

Social media users flooded her account with comments, admiring the dog’s “positive outlook“ despite of facing an uncertain future in the shelter.

“What a cute smile on that furry one!” said one user, while another commented:” Folks, working in a dog day care is my dream!”

It is heart-warming to know that despite the sombre mood that usually exists in dog shelters, there are also caregivers who enjoy doing their work with love and bring joy and smile to dogs, this pup being an example.

Life in shelters is never easy for dogs which “live” with a hope of finding at some point a family with whom they want to spend happy moments throughout their lives.

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