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Loyal Dog Protects Little Girl While Being Scolded By Her Mother

They have always been called Man’s Best Friend

Video footage shows a Golden Retriever protecting a little girl from being scolded by her mother. The video has gone viral in China. While filming the incident, the child’s mother said that the five-year-old dog, whose name is Harry, after British author J.K. Rowling’s book, Harry Potter, was clearly protecting her two-year-old daughter as she was being scolded. She claims that both Harry and her daughter share a strong bond since they grew up together.

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Harry the Golden Retriever rushed to the little girl’s side to protect her from being scolded by her mother in this heart-warming moment in the city of Xuzhou, China.

Image credit: @Douyin/191337486

The mother from China, Ms. Sun, admitted that she was upset upon seeing that her daughter rip open the new cream she bought from the store and used it as a toy.

The video footage shows the dog, Harry, protecting the little girl, named YouYou, who stopped crying when he hugged her with his paws. As YouYou was being scolded, Harry was snarling at the mother, clearly sending her a message to stop. His adorable reaction was caught on camera by YouYou’s mother. She claims that she recorded the incident because she found it ‘funny and infuriating’ at the same time.

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Harry’s reaction caught on camera by YouYou’s mother, Ms. Sun.

According to Ms. Sun, she has just purchased a facial cream for YouYou and left it on the table in the living room while she started to prepare lunch. When she returned, she suddenly felt angry to find YouYou playing with the tub of cream with its packaging torn open.

‘I was really upset. I’d just bought the cream, and half of it was already gone,’ Ms. Sun, 32, told MailOnline. ‘My baby started crying because I was shouting at her continuously.’

But she admits that her anger subsided and felt touched when Harry defended her daughter.

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While Ms. Sun was scolding her daughter, YouYou, Harry, the Golden Retriever ran to shield her with his paws.

The video shows Harry baring his teeth at the mother while protecting the crying child, seemingly warning her to back-off. Harry even became more angry and defensive when Ms. Sun told him to move out of the way.

“You get out of the way. Stop protecting [her],” Ms. Sun can be heard saying in the video.

Harry was also doing his best to protect the girl by wrapping his legs around her and resting his head on her shoulder. Seeing this gesture made Ms. Sun calm down and stopped scolding YouYou.

“I was still quite upset, but the heart-warming gesture made me calm down a bit,” Ms. Sun said. “I found it quite funny. But, I admit, dogs have their way of showing their love and loyalty once you have treated them properly.”

Image credit: @Douyin/191337486

The adorable video of Harry and YouYou rapidly became viral and has garnered millions of likes after Ms. Sun posted it on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

Image credit: @Douyin/191337486

This was not the first time Harry defended YouYou. Ms. Sun (right picture) said she was surprised at how Harry did his reaction. She is overwhelmed by how netizens liked and shared her video that went viral.

“Whenever we speak to [You You] in a harsh tone, he would come over and try to shield her with his paws,” the mother added. “He would protect the child with his life.”

The video instantly went viral when Ms. Sun posted it on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. Although, some netizens doubted the authenticity of the video and even accused Ms. Sun of “staging” Harry’s actions.

One Douyin user commented: “Notice that the dog was snarling when the owner was hitting his face. It’s a normal pet response. It’s not protecting the child.”

Another user said: “This is clearly staged. It’s obvious that the mother taught the dog how to hug the baby.”

Ms. Sun shunned these comments and claimed that the video was authentic. Harry and YouYou’s reactions were real and not “staged.” She was overwhelmed by the attention her video has captivated.

“I was documenting unique moments of Harry and my daughter, YouYou because Harry is getting old and turning six-years-old. It would be great to look back and watch these videos of their memories together when Harry is gone,” Ms. Sun said.

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