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Steve Jobs’ Widow Will Not Pass Down Their Money to Their Children; Although, It Was Unfair for Someone to Have Accumulated So Much Wealth

It ends with me.” – Laurene Powell-Jobs, Steve’s wife

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and Pixar, is not interested in “legacy wealth building.” 9 years after he passed, his legacy lives on through his wife, Laurene Powell-Jobs. His widow revealed that she will be donating all his assets for the sake of integrity but will not pass it on to their children.

Laurene Powell Jobs has opened a trust fund after her husband has passed. She revealed in a recent interview that she has inherited more than $25 billion, however, she will be donating the huge sum to charities and causes. Laurene inherited Steve’s shares from Apple and Disney when he passed in 2011.

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“I inherited my husband’s fortune, but I’m not interested in accumulating wealth, and Steve is not interested, too. Powell-Jobs said the move was in memory of Steve, “if I live long enough, I’ll give it all away.”

Laurene Powell Jobs. Steve Jennings / Stringer / Getty Images

Laurene ranked 44th among Forbes’ wealthiest celebrities in 2016, while in 2019, she and her family ranked 54th on the list of billionaires in the world. She pointed out that it was wrong for individuals to accumulate such a massive amount of money, and it’s unfair and too dangerous for society to possess such resources.

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After Jobs’ death, Laurene, 56, focused her attention on non-profit businesses and organizations, particularly on education, immigration, and the environment. She founded the Emerson Collective Foundation, which primarily improves social journalism, to preserve the foundations of American democracy through impartial reporting.

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Steve Jobs has inspired so many people, even after he has passed, and his widow continues with his legacy through worthy causes.


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