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Man Uses Stick To Pull In Neighbour’s Laundry Under the Shade Before It Rains

A good neighbor that everyone wished they could have next door.

Cover image via Nur Syazana Izham (Facebook)

Everywhere around the world, we all have someone who we can rely on. Here is a story of 2 Malaysian neighbors who look after each other. Very touching!

Nur Syazana Izham has posted on her Facebook account how her concerned neighbor in USJ 12 pulled her laundry from her garage to the shade in front of her home, but only using a stick.

Image credit: Nur Syazana Izham (Facebook)

Footage from her closed-circuit television (CCTV) shows how the kind neighbor pulled 2 racks of her laundry, using a stick, to the shade before it rained.

Image credit: Nur Syazana Izham (Facebook)

The image shows how he attached the stick onto the racks and pulled them one at a time very carefully to prevent the clothes from falling.

“I’m speechless because he worked so hard to do it,” she wrote on her post, “And it maybe took him several minutes to pull them both.”

Image credit: Nur Syazana Izham (Facebook)
Image credit: Nur Syazana Izham (Facebook)

On October 2, upon sharing her video on Facebook, it has accumulated over 10,000 shares, and many netizens have praised the kind neighbor for his actions.

One comment said, “Very good neighbor. From what I can see, he could have climbed over, but he chose not to [out of] respect.” Nur Syazana commented in return that her neighbor was so great, he had the initiative to do so. “Despite being elderly, he’s still really strong.”

In other comments, she has mentioned that both the husband and wife are a very kind couple.

Here are other comments showing that netizens are touched by the kind-hearted gesture.

Image credit: Facebook

You may view the CCTV footage here.

Image credit: Nur Syazana Izham (Facebook)

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