Sunday, November 29

This Dog Was Thrown Out of Its Own House… By a Chicken!

“I am more superior than you, and I have taken your house away from you!”

It was the 14th of September when Summa posted 2 photos on her Twitter account. It was a doghouse in the backyard of a house. Though, when you look inside, you will see a food bowl and a chicken, sitting comfortably inside the doghouse.

Meanwhile, the real owner of the house was sitting outside, under a tire that was right beside his own home. He could not even cast the intruder out of his own house! His sloppy lop-sided posture and sad-looking expression sparked both sadness and laughter from netizens.

After capturing the dog’s image, Summa described him as, “A dog raised by a grandmother who lives on the countryside, saying, ‘I will take this chicken back to its home next door.'”

The photo received warm responses on Twitter with 10,000 retweets.

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